Sunday, 26 October 2014

Free Spooky Horror Music For Your Halloween Videos

Ive made 2 albums FREE and SIMPLE for this years Halloween movie makers

The "Horror Collection" consists of 60 tracks, Music, Ambience, Sound Effects, pretty much everything you need to give your scary video some seriously moody, disturbing and atmospheric moments. The majority of it is also hands on recording (very little mixing involved and barely any use of actual samples) Making the album very uniqe and distinctive with an emotional genuine sound.

The "Living After The Aftermath (score)" Is another horror based album, though it leans more towards Zombie, and the End Of The World apocalyptic kinda feel to it (it uses some sample based tracks) and again this one has a lot of hands on stuff. It covers a lot of styles from varied zombie and disaster shows and movies, yet holds its own legally with some very dark anf often moody unique compositions.

Between these two albums your certainly set for the perfect Music and Atmosphere for your spooky video (and if you shoot me a comment below with a link to your video)  "and i like it" then there is a good chance i will plug it for you on my blog and my FB page

Main Download Links:
Download "The Horror Collection" from GooglePlay (Unlimited Downloads)
Download "Living After The Aftermath" from GooglePlay (Unlimited Downloads)

Alternate Download Links:
Download "The Horror Collection" from Bandcamp (Download Limit 100 people)
Download "Living After The Aftermath" from Bandcamp (Download Limit 100 people)
On bandcamp, enter 0.00 as the price to get it free,  if it fails then the 200 limit has been reached

Also Remember:
The facebook "Group" has 100's of other FREE tracks
join the fb group, like the fb page, share this post.. your sharing and joining pages inspires artists

Legal Information:
Download as "Full Album" and check the Album Price is FREE before clicking it.
I don't control prices on iTunes, Amazon, OR Spotify (so i can't offer it free through those services)
Bandcamp limit users to 200 freebies a month, so ive split it between Both albums at 100 each.
When the prices go back onto albums (on googlePlay) you will still own them on the account you used to download them, i am unsure about bandcamp  Please also remember, although you can't monetise your videos with this music (at the moment)  I still look forward to being able to SPLIT ad revenue with the video makers sometime in the future.
ANY  (c) claim you get upon the video does NOT affect your youtube accounts good standing in anyway shape or form (and it never will, just click acknowledge and the videos live globally)
So it is perfectly safe to use my music within your videos. I also don't enforce "Click To Skip" adverts OR enforce only monetised browsers, so your video viewers wont be annoyed by having to wait for your video to start or be unable to view it due to them using ad blockers.
So It's Win Win using my music, and hopefully in the future it will be Quids In for you to.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

40 Songs in 12 Mins (please re-share)

I may make an instrumental one next   :)

When i put  this video together  "and then listened to it in full"    It made me so much more aware of the 6 to 7 years i wasted helping.. SORRY.. doing the MAJORITY of the work for a so called mate, while this same so called friend (who bin bags you because u have the flu & refuse to go out) Clung on like a crazed obsessive and Rode the gravy train on my back. Showing off to others.. with my work.. and my imagination flaunted as their own... With nothing (and i mean nothing at all) to offer or bring to the table besides bad temper, piss poor attitude and a mojo destroying bag of stolen ideas and selfish stupidity. I ended that so called working relationship, cut the bond of one sided trust that got blown out with lies.  Today i get used by NO ONE and as i push even more of  the stupid selfish thoughtless and paranoid people out of my life for good i feel so much better.   It's true that time is money, but RESPECT is so much more important, as is piece of mind and trust... Genuine friends don't listen to your idea, go to bed.. dream about it then wake up and rip it off and come right round to show you it as their own, nor do real friends try and steal the one single project you want as your own (they normally be happy with the 6 projects you hand them on a fkn plate and give them 6 years of your life... REAL FRIENDS They help YOU.. they fulfil your ideas just as you do theirs...
I don't want lime light...,
i wana job,...
 i wana work doing what i enjoy...
and i have proved what i enjoy CAN and DOES earn money....

 Its time to take this to the next level... it's time to give people a leg up who deserve it, people who evolve as they learn rather than just keep sponging and draining that vibe.  I don't wana be famous..
i just wana have fun and see & hear my stuff SHINE... THROUGH OTHERS WHO DESERVE MY TIME AND RESPECT... watch this space...  L.T.D maybe on its way....  thanks to ben for hosting this video, and for the grammar Gestapo.. enjoy the typo...