Monday, 2 November 2015

Music From The Movies

As a kid I would often look at the random cassette tapes in Woolworths & TJ Hughes, those movie and tv theme tapes. You probably know the ones i mean, them crazy compilations full of classics from the likes of

  "Some Dude and his Orchestra perform Hits from Some Random Whatever"

I didn't get to watch much tv or listen to much music when i was younger, in fact tv themes and bbc's cfax music used to be as close to music as i got. One Christmas i was given a Walkman and two tapes, i will never forget it. It had Play, Fast Forward and Stop, looking at the tapes i had no idea what to expect, and as i unwrapped 2 Agfa 90 minuet blank tapes, that where new & blank, their i sat totally at a loss and truly gutted. They did get me a keyboard years later for some unknown reason, though its the only thing i ever asked for (besides to listen to music and hear the tv) so i guess they figured to hell with it. As a child i had no sense of smell, my brain adapted around that and my eyes and ears got more brain power than they should have.

My older brother ended up filling the tapes for me, the beatles, early genesis, pink floyds the wall, he also ended up passing me jeff waynes war of the worlds and the best of the doors. I was on fire inside with no idea why. A few years later my old man put on some Vinyl LP of Geof Love and his Orchestra do Western Themes and it just blew me away. The music bug i had and no clue a to why, but the brass and the strings where just WOW.

What i have spent the last couple of days doing is re-creating some of the music i remember the most, some of my earliest memories of music i heard that i got truly gripped by. Ive also been working on some music from modern Films / Tv Shows that truly moves me or perked up my ears. I have also been digging deep into the back of my mind, humming music (the little moments most ears miss) and i decided that be it old or new, i will do some tracks that limit in places and boost in others. A collection of tracks people know and love, yet altered in such a way that the every day listener can better hear some amazing moments often lost on so called untrained ears.

note this is a work in progress with no end date or set list

01 - Transformers (arrival to earth)
02 - Pirates Of The Caribbean (drink up me hearties)
03 - Star Trek (mixed)
04 - Escape From New York (main title)
05 - Crimson Tide (roll tide)
06 - Black Beauty Tv Theme (galloping home)
07 -
08 - Back To The Future (main title)
09 - The X-Files (unheard suite)
10 - Blazing Saddles (main title) Orchestral
11 - Superman 1978 (main title)
12 - .....

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Back To The Future No Longer The Future

Its really sad to think that today October 21st 2015 Is now in the past rather than the future. The significance of this is the fact that All Three back to the future movies are now actually set in the Past, where as we know that back to the future part II was the one film out the Trilogy that was set in the future, but not any more after today.

It was good to see the odd video on youtube with Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd on youtube, reunited after all these years. Leading up to this event i covered back to the futures main theme by Alan Sylvestri, which can be heard here (hope i did it justice)

This was an unusual track to play and its amazing how how it almost feels like an homage to John Williams and Ennio Morricone which i found really odd (note this is an assumption from when i was trying to create Instrument banks that would give what i played the right sound, brass is very noticeable by era. The more i worked on creating the banks the more i could hear other stuff, in fact for an hour i sat mixing Raiders of the lost ark, Superman, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future  They all have such moments where they don't just mix and overlap they also blend for unusual durations of time.  I'm certainly not saying "this is" a tribute from alan to john, as i have no idea, but it sure does match johns exceptional orchestration and pretty much compliment the mix.

I did a Tutorial on how to play this piece of music, i have been able to play this for years, but not how i played it in the video. I used to play it in another key/place, it was recognisable, so much so no one ever noticed it was wrong, but i could hear the difference between me humming it and me playing it, so i learnt it properly. Its not actually that complex to play "the main bits" that is, the small fiddly extras are a real ear pain to master, but the main thing most people hear is fairly simple to play..

If you've never sat back one night and watched part I, II and III in one sitting you really should do...  I remember a few years ago (you could get 1,2,3 on dvd with a 4th bonus disc) But when they Re-Packaged the box set and stuck the extras across dvd 1,2,3, removing the need for a 4th disc they over produced the discs compared to the packaging and across the UK stores such as poundland where selling each film disk in a clear cd jewel box for £1, in essence people got the 4 DVD box set (on 3 genuine discs) for £3, rather than the often boxes prices round £35 to £59.  Oddly the company distributing Jurassic Park 1,2,3 also had the discs over produced.

while i remember, Images in this post are from a sweet little iPhone/iPad app on the iTunes app store, there are a few back to the future apps, but this was the cheapest and yet also the cleanest looking one.

For time circuits you hold device in landscape, for the flux capacitor you hold it in portrait. You can get it Here

Please be aware i am in no way affiliated with the dev's Nor does this link to their app have Any Referral information at all, i am linking out of courtesy.... and to by pass questions regarding it.

Other odd memories of back to the future for me was playing BTTF III on the Sega Megadrive and also playing a great looking TC Mod on Vice City which was a back to the future game of sorts built within the gta game, i still have that full install somewhere lol.

Check back on this Post some time in the Future.. or the Past lol, will try and sort the tutorial sometime and Maybe some screen shots from the GTA Conversion.